1 Deprivation (noun)
the lack or denial of something considered to be a necessity. (वंचन)
Synonyms: dispossession, withdrawal, denial, divestment
Antonyms: possession, offering, provision, endowment
Example: Sleep deprivation can result in mental disorders.

2 Anonymous (adjective)
(of a person) not identified by name; of unknown name. (गुमनाम)
Synonyms: unknown, unidentified, nameless, undisclosed
Antonyms: known, named, identified, famous
Example: An anonymous businesswoman donated one million dollars to the charity.

3 Inert (adjective)
Lacking the ability or strength to move. (निष्क्रिय)
Synonyms: inactive, indolent, languid, dormant
Antonyms: active, animated, lively, runcuonat
Example: she lay inert in her bed.

4 Sceptic (noun)
a person who doubts the truth or value of an idea or belief. (शंका करने वाला)
Synonyms: doubter, cynic, questioner, disbeliever
Antonyms: chump, sucker, dupe, Pigeon
Example: I have no doubt that there are many sceptics who will describe this vision as a pipe-dream.

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5 Conform (verb)
(of a person) behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards. (अनुसार होना)
Synonyms: obey, observe, comply, acquiesce,
Antonyms: refuse, oppose, object, disregard
Example: I could never conform to what other people wanted me to be for the sake of fitting in.

6 Abstract (verb)
to remove something from somewhere. (हटाना)
Synonyms: remove, extract, expunge, isolate
Antonyms: add, include, incorporate, involve
Example: Their plan is to abstract 8 million gallons of water from the river.

7 Unjust (adjective)
Not based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair. (अन्यायपूर्ण)
Synonyms: wrongful, unfair, unreasonable, unwarranted
Antonyms: ethical, moral, fair, reasonable, just
Example: Even liberals have argued for decades that it can be morally acceptable to break an unjust law.

8 Propel (verb)
to force somebody to move in a particular direction or to get into a particular situation. (प्रेरित करना)
Synonyms: motivate, drive, spur, prompt
Antonyms: check, curb, hinder, constrain
Example: Purpose is that power that will propel you to get out of bed each morning to push you to make your dream come true.

9 Subvert (verb)
to challenge somebody’s ideas or expectations and make them consider the opposite. (पलट देना)
Synonyms: undermine, challenge, destabilize, undercut
Antonyms: support, reinforce, uphold, buttress
Example: The film subverts notions of male and female identity.

10 Monopolize (verb)
to have or take control of the largest part of something so that other people are prevented from sharing it. (एकाधिकार)
Synonyms: centralise, dominate, hog, take over, corner the market
Antonyms: distribute, scatter, share
Example: Men traditionally monopolized jobs in the printing industry.

Daily Vocabulary 6 July Daily Vocabulary 6 July