1 Embellish (verb)
To make something more beautiful by adding decoration to it. (सुशोभित करना)
Synonyms: Decorate, Adorn, Beautify, Bedeck
Antonyms- Disfigure, Mar, Deface
Example- The huge carved door was embellished with brass door knockers.

2 Conundrum (noun)
A confusing problem or question that is very difficult to solve. (समस्या)
Synonyms: Problem, Difficult Question, Quandary
Antonyms- Blessing, Boon, Benison, Grace
Example- One of the most difficult conundrums for the experts.

3 Pacification (noun)
The act of making somebody who is angry or upset become calm and quiet. (शांति करण)
Synonyms: Mollification, Appeasement, Conciliation
Antonyms- Incitement, Distress
Example- A cease-fire treaty helped with the pacification of all parties and allowed the leaders of both sides to move on in peace.

4 Unrelenting (adjective)
Not giving way to kindness or compassion. (निरंतर)
Synonyms: Constant, Continuous, Endless, Ceaseless
Antonyms- Intermittent, Relenting
Example – He believed their newly formed government should be strict, orderly, and unrelenting.

5 Cursory (adjective)
Done quickly and without giving enough attention to details. (सरसरी)
Synonyms: Perfunctory, Desultory, Casual
Antonyms- Meticulous, Detailed, Painstaking, Thorough
Example- He gave the report a rather cursory look.

6 Overwhelming (adjective)
Very great in amount. (जबरदस्त)
Synonyms: Enormous, Immense, Huge, Tremendous, Profuse, Inordinate
Antonyms- Small, Insignificant, Trivial, Little
Example- The overwhelming majority of those present were in favour of the plan.

7 Articulation (noun)
The action of putting into words an idea or feeling. (स्पष्ट उच्चारण)
Synonyms: Expression, Voicing, Utterance
Antonyms- Suppression, Quelling
Example – Accurate and compelling articulation of policy ideas is critical to presidential leadership.

8 Uptick (noun)
A small increase or slight upward trend. (इजाफा)
Synonyms: Uptrend, Boost, Accrual, Accretion
Antonyms- Decrement, Decline, Depletion, Lowering
Example- We can see some uptick in activity in the marketplace.

9 Disgruntled (adjective)
Angry or dissatisfied. (असंतुष्ट क्रोधी)
Synonyms: Dissatisfied, Displeased, Annoyed, Irritated
Antonyms- Contented, Pleased, Satisfied
Example- Judges receive letters from disgruntled members of the public.

10 Abet (verb)
To help or encourage somebody to do something wrong. (दुष्प्रेरित करना)
Synonyms: Support, Defend, Take the side of, Stand up for
Antonyms- Hinder, Discourage
Example- We are aiding and abetting this illegal traffic.

Daily Vocabulary Words 6 August Daily Vocabulary Words 6 August