1 Concede (verb)
agree that something is true after first resisting it. (स्वीकार करना)
Synonyms: admit, acknowledge, recognize, own
Antonyms: deny, repudiate, refute, disprove
Example: The firm should concede a significant salary increase to its employees.

2 Lingering (adjective)
lasting for a long time or slow to end. (दीर्घकालीन)
Synonyms: prolonged, protracted, persisting, enduring
Antonyms: quick, fleeting, ephemeral, short-lived
Example: She says she stopped seeing him, but I still have lingering doubts.

3 Abrupt (adjective)
sudden and unexpected. (आकस्मिक)
Synonyms: immediate, instantaneous, precipitate, meteoric
Antonyms: gradual, unhurried, measured, bit by bit
Example: The road ended in an abrupt slope down to the sea.

4 Irrefutable (adjective)
impossible to prove wrong. (अखंडनीय)
Synonyms: undeniable, incontrovertible, impregnable, unassailable, watertight
Antonyms: arguable, doubtful, moot, questionable
Example: The pictures provide irrefutable evidence of the incident.

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5 Compel (verb)
to force someone to do something. (विवश करना)
Synonyms: oblige, coerce, constrain, induce
Antonyms: coax, persuade, convince, cajole
Example: As a schoolboy he was compelled to wear shorts even in winter.

6 Extraneous (adjective)
not directly connected with or related to something. (अप्रासंगिक)
Synonyms: irrelevant, peripheral, inapposite, out of place
Antonyms: material, pertinent, germane, apt
Example: These questions are extraneous to the issue being discussed.

7 Crackdown (noun)
an action by an authority to stop something. (नियंत्रण)
Synonyms: suppression, squelching, clampdown, kerb
Antonyms: encouragement, incitement, backing
Example: The government is calling for a crackdown on drivers who speed through red lights.

8 Vigilance (noun)
the action or state of keeping careful watch for possible difficulties. (सतर्कता)
Synonyms: surveillance, attentiveness, wariness, circumspection
Antonyms: carelessness, negligence, slackness, indiscretion
Example: The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

9 Far-reaching (adjective)
having important and widely applicable effects. (व्यापक)
Synonyms: extensive, sweeping, comprehensive, blanket
Antonyms: limited, restricted, narrow, specific
Example: The effects of the warming will be far-reaching.

10 Incurable (adjective)
(of a person or behavior) unable to be changed. (अटल)
Synonyms: inveterate, entrenched, irredeemable, stubborn
Antonyms: adaptable, alterable, convertible, changeable
Example: The girl is an incurable optimist.

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