1 Subtle (adjective)
Meaning- Good at noticing and understanding things. (कुशाग्र-बुद्धि)
Synonyms: Shrewd, Astute, Keen, Sagacious, Perceptive, Discerning
Antonyms- Stupid, Idiotic, Dumb, Foolish
Example- The job required a subtle mind which he was lacking.

2 Provocative (adjective)
Meaning- Causing anger or another strong reaction, especially deliberately. (उत्तेजक)
Synonyms: Annoying, Irritating, Provoking, Infuriating, Exasperating
Antonyms- Subduing, Soothing, Pleasing, Delightful
Example- The book’s epilogue is deliberately provocative.

3 Calibre (noun)
Meaning- The quality of something, especially a person’s ability. (क्षमता)
Synonyms: Quality, Distinction, Excellence, Stature, Capacity, Standard
Antonyms- Ineptness, Inefficiency, Incompetence, Inability
Example- He was impressed by the high calibre of applicants for the job.

4 Ebb (verb).
Meaning- Move away from the land. (उतर जाना)
Synonyms: Recede, Go out, Fall back, Subside, Abate, Retreat
Antonyms- Rise, Advance, Grow, Expand
Example- As long as the tide ebbed, eels were leaving the marshes and running out to sea.

5 Moor (verb)
Meaning- To attach a boat, ship, etc. to.a fixed object or to the land with a rope, or anchor it. (बाँधना)
Synonyms: Tic up, Secure, Make fast, Fix firmly, Berth
Antonyms- Unfasten, Loosen, Unfix, Let go
Example- A number of fishing boats were moored to the quay.

6 Staggering (adjective)
Meaning- Meaning- So great, shocking or surprising that it is difficult to believe. (चौंका देने वाला)
Synonyms: Astounding, Astonishing, Stupefying, Breathtaking, Mind-blogging
Antonyms- Dull, Ordinary, Unimpressive, Boring, Unsurprising
Example- They paid a staggering million for the house.

7 Bluster (verb)
Meaning- To talk in an aggressive or threatening way, but with little effect. (धमकाना)
Synonyms: Rant, Thunder, Fulminate, Deliver a tirade, Go on and on
Antonyms- Calm, Be quiet, Keep mum, Mute
Example- The government blustered, threatened, and finally publicly admitted that the students were right.

8 Whittle (verb)
Meaning- Reduce something in size, amount, or extent by a gradual series of steps. (काटना)
Synonyms: Reduce, Cut down, Shrink, Trim, Diminish, Scale down
Antonyms- Increase, Extend, Develop, Rise
Example- The shortlist of fifteen was whittled down to five.

9 Avenge (verb)
Meaning- To punish or hurt somebody in return for something bad or wrong that they have done to you, your family or friends. (बदला लेना)
Synonyms: Take revenge for, Requite, Pay back, Repay
Antonyms- Forgive, Excuse, Pardon, Acquit
Example- She was determined to avenge herself on the man who had betrayed her.

10 Veneer (noun)
Meaning- An attractive appearance that covers or disguises someone or something’s true nature or feelings. (मुखावरण)
Synonyms: Façade, False front, Outward display, Disguise, Charade
Antonyms- Reality, Verity, Authenticity, Truth
Example- Her veneer of composure cracked a little.

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