1 Latitude (noun)
Scope for freedom of action or thought. (स्वतंत्रता)
Synonyms: freedom, liberty, laxity, leeway
Antonyms: limitation, restriction, restraint, constraint
Example: Journalists have considerable latitude in criticizing public figures.

2 Convulse (verb)
Throw (a country) into violent social or political upheaval. (अशांत कर देना)
Synonyms: agitate, unsettle, disconcert, ruffle
Antonyms: calm, order, quiet, soothe
Example: In the early ’90s, the country was really convulsed by the murder rate.

3 Genesis (noun)
The beginning or origin of something. (प्रारंभ)
Synonyms: beginning, commencement, outset, inception
Antonyms: end, conclusion, termination, omega
Example: An article in a local paper describes the genesis and construction of the round abode.

4 Replete (adjective)
Filled with something; with a full supply of something. (भरा हुआ)
Synonyms: filled, packed, stuffed, loaded, brimming
Antonyms: lacking, missing, deficient, wanting
Example: His story was replete with falsehood.

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5 Vociferous (Adjective)
Expressing your opinions or feelings in a loud and confident way. (कोलाहलकारी)
Synonyms: uproarious, vehement, strident, boisterous
Antonyms: low, quiet, silent, soft
Example: No one was more vociferous in condemning it than Mr Walker.

6 Bequeath (Verb)
Pass (something) on or leave (something) to someone else. (वसीयत में देना)
Synonyms: hand down, hand on, pass on, impart
Antonyms: keep, withhold, hold back
Example: Humans who developed a spiritual sense thrived and bequeathed that trait to their offspring.

7 Efface (verb)
To make something disappear; to remove something. (मिटाना)
Synonyms: remove, eliminate, expunge, wipe out
Antonyms: preserve, conserve, protect, safeguard
Example: With time, the words are effaced by the rain.

8 Quandary (Noun)
A state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation. (उलझन)
Synonyms: state of uncertainty, dilemma, plight, predicament
Antonyms: certainty, certitude, sureness
Example: Year after year, however, we’d ;always find ourselves in a quandary.

9 Deprecate (Verb)
Express disapproval of. (असहमति प्रकट करना)
Synonyms: disapprove, deplore, abhor, take a dim view of.
Antonyms: approve, endorse, approbate
Example: I strongly deprecate the use of violence by the students.

10 Chasm (noun)
A very big difference between two people or groups, for example because they have different attitudes. (बड़ा अंतर)
Synonyms: difference, gulf, breach, schism
Antonyms: closeness, similarity
Example: The chasm between rich and poor is growing day by day.

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