1 Embark (verb)
Meaning- Begin (a course of action) (प्रारंभ करना)
Synonyms: Begin, Start, Commence, Initiate Antonyms- Disembark, Finish, End, Stop
Example- She embarked on a new career.

2 Aberration (noun)
Meaning- A fact, an action or a way of behaving that is not usual, and that may be unacceptable. (आसामान्य)
Synonyms: Anomaly, Abnormality, Irregularity
Antonyms- Normality, Regularity, Routine
Example- A childless woman was regarded as an aberration, almost a social outcast.

3 Brazenly (adverb)
Meaning- In a bold and shameless way. a(निडरतापूर्वक )
Synonyms: Boldly, Flagrantly, Fearlessly, Blatantly
Antonyms- Suavely, Civilly, Fearfully
Example- She had brazenly admitted allowing him back into the house.

4 Perilous (adjective)
Meaning- Very dangerous. (खतरनाक)
Synonyms: Dangerous, Risky, Parlous
Antonyms- Safe, Secure, Harmless, Innocuous
Example- For mothers and children, the situation is even more perilous.

5 Posit (verb)
Meaning- Put forward as fact or as a basis for argument. (मंज़ूर करना)
Synonyms: Postulate, Presume, Hypothesize
Antonyms- Deny, Reject, Refute
Example- They were forced to modify the politicaL premises on which the regime was posited.

6 Portend (verb)
Meaning- Be a sign or warning that (something, especially something momentous or calamitous) is likely to happen. (पूर्वसूचना देना)
Synonyms: Presage, Augur, Foreshadow
Example-The eclipses portend some major events.

7 Decipher (verb)
Meaning- To succeed in finding the meaning of something that is difficult to read or understand. (समझना)
Synonyms: Comprehend, Interpret, Perceive
Antonyms- Confuse, Misinterpret, Misunderstand
Example- Can anyone decipher his handwriting?

8 Embolden (verb)
Meaning- Give (someone) the courage or confidence to do something. (साहस देना)
Synonyms: Give courage, Encourage, Strengthen.
Antonyms- Dishearten, Discourage, Daunt
Example- With such a majority, the administration was emboldened to introduce radical new policies.

9 Rapport (noun)
Meaning- A friendly relationship in which people understand each other very well. (सौहार्द-स्थापन)
Synonyms: Affinity, Harmony, Mutual understanding, Concord
Antonyms- Incompatibility, Discord, Rancor
Example- She understood the importance of establishing a close rapport with clients.

10 Dwindle (verb)
Meaning- Diminish gradually in size, amount, or strength. (कम होना)
Synonyms: Diminish, Decrease, Decline, Shrink
Antonyms- Increase, Expand, Grow, Extend
Example- Support for the party has dwindled away to nothing.

Daily Vocabulary Words 2 July Daily Vocabulary Words 2 July