1 Peculiar (adjective)
Strange or unusual, especially in a way that is unpleasant or makes you worried. (अजीब)
Synonyms: Unusual, Particular, Special, Strange
Antonyms- Ordinary, Common, Familiar
Example- He died in very peculiar circumstances.

2 Blaze (noun).
A conspicuous display or outburst of something. (आवेग)
Synonyms: Outburst, Eruption, Outbreak
Antonyms- Serene, Calmness, Placid
Example- White ended the season in a blaze of glory, with seven goals in as many games.

3 Denigrate (verb)
Meaning- To criticize somebody/something unfairly. (निंदा करना)
Synonyms: Disparage, Belittle, Defame, Besmirch, Derogate
Antonyms- Commend, Praise, Laud, Extol, Compliment
Example- I didn’t intend to denigrate her achievements.

4 Trample (verb)
To ignore somebody’s feelings or rights and treat them as if they are not important. (ठोकर मारना)
Synonyms: Treat disrespectfully, Show no consideration for, Disregard
Antonyms- Concern, Respect, Heed, Attend
Example- She would not let him trample over her any longer.

5 Asynchronous (adjective)
Not existing or occurring at the same time. (अतुल्यकालिक)
Synonyms: Nonparallel, Anachronous, Unsynchronized
Antonyms- Synchronous, Parallel, Concurrent, Simultaneous
Example- The only time services work online is when we accept this is an asynchronous media.

6 Uncanny (adjective)
Strange and difficult to explain. (विलक्षण अस्वाभाविक)
Synonyms: Unnatural, Weird, Strange, Bizarre
Antonyms- Natural, Ordinary, Normal
Example- I had an uncanny feeling I was being watched.

7 Unruffled (adjective)
Meaning- Not disordered or disarranged. (शान्त)
Synonyms: Tranquil, Calm, Smooth, Unperturbed
Antonyms- Disturbed, Agitated, Worried
Example- He remained unruffled by their accusations.

8 Magnanimity (noun)
Behaviour that is kind, generous and forgiving, especially towards an enemy or competitor. ( उदारता)
Synonyms: Generosity, Munificence, Nobility, Largesse
Antonyms- Meanness, Selfishness
Example- She accepted the criticism with magnanimity.

9 Exacerbate (verb)
Make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse. (ख़राब करना)
Synonyms: Aggravate, Intensify, Make worse
Antonyms- Improve, Better, Alleviate
Example- His aggressive reaction only exacerbated the situation.

10 Eerie (adjective)
Meaning Strange and frightening. (भयंकर)
Synonyms: Weird, Scary, Unearthly, Mysterious
Antonyms- Normal, Natural, Familiar
Example- I found the silence underwater really eerie.