1 Resilience (noun)
the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. (मज़बूत)
Synonyms: buoyancy, toughness, spirit, hardiness
Antonyms: defeatism, pessimism, fatalism, spinelessness
Example: Her natural resilience helped her overcome the crisis.

2 Subtle (adjective)
achieved in a quiet way that does not attract attention to itself and is therefore good or clever. (चतुर)
Synonyms: astute, ingenious, shrewd, insinuating
Antonyms: obtuse, naïve, foolish, unwise
Example: The film’s direction is subtle and stylish.

3 Hegemony (noun)
leadership or dominance, especially by one state or social group over others. (नायकत्व)
Synonyms: domination, supremacy, dominion, predominance
Antonyms: subjugation, powerlessness, impotence
Example: The US seeks hegemony over the world.

4 Refurbish (verb)
renovate and redecorate (something, especially a building). (नवीनीकरण)
Synonyms: renovate, revamp, overhaul, I do up, repair
Antonyms: ruin, destroy, demolish, wreck
Example: A developer wants to refurbish the Green Street Hotel.

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5 Reminiscent (adjective)
making you remember a particular person, event, or thing. (स्मरणकारी)
Synonyms: indicative, evocative, redolent, resonant
Antonyms: meaningless, ineffective
Example: That song is so reminiscent of my adolescence.

6 Substantially (adverb)
to a great or significant extent. (काफी हद तक)
Synonyms: significantly, markedly, substantively, extensively
Antonyms: trivially, marginally, inconsequentially, slightly
Example: The new rules will substantially change how we do things.

7 Bonhomie (noun)
friendliness and happiness. (खुशमिज़ाजी)
Synonyms: geniality, conviviality, affability, , amiability, amenability
Antonyms: coldness, aloofness, animosity, frostiness
Example: There was a lot of cheerful bonhomie amongst the crew members.

8 Uphold (verb)
confirm or support (something which has been questioned). (समर्थन करना)
Synonyms: endorse, espouse, advocate, indorse
Antonyms: oppose, defy, contradict, gainsay
Example: The government has promised to uphold the principles of democracy.

9 Posturing (noun)
behavior or speech that is intended to attract attention and interest. (ढींग हाँकना)
Synonyms: pomposity, pretension, affectation, posing
Antonyms: honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, candour
Example: His writing has been dismissed as mere intellectual posturing.

10 Materialise (verb)
(of ideas and wishes) to become real or true. (अमल में लाना)
Synonyms: happen, occur, transpire, eventuate, come about
Antonyms: disappear, dematerialise, evaporate, fade, vanish
Example: I don’t think her idealistic plans will ever materialise.

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