I Trample (verb)
Meaning- To ignore somebody’s feelings or rights and treat them as if they are not important. (ठोकर मारना)
Synonyms: Treat disrespectfully, Show no consideration for, Disregard
Antonyms- Concern, Respect, Heed, Attend
Example- She would not let him trample over her any longer.

2 Headlong (adverb)
Meaning- In a rush; with reckless haste. (बे सोचे समझे)
Synonyms: Without thinking, Precipitously, Rashly
Antonyms — Cautiously, Carefully, Deliberately
Example-After three decades of headlong globalisation, the world finds itself in dangerous and uncharted waters.

3 Disdain (noun)
Meaning- The feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect. (अवहेलना)
Synonyms: Contempt, Scorn, Disrespect A
ntonyms- Respect, Admiration, Regard
Example- Despite his disdain for much about the town at the time, the rector was optimistic about the future.

4 Whim (noun)
Meaning- A sudden desire or change of mind, especially one that is unusual or unexplained. (सनक)
Synonyms: Impulse, Urge, Notion, Vagary
Antonyms- Aversion, Disinclination, Disincentive
Example- She bought it on a whim.

5 Behest (adjective)
Meaning- A person’s orders or command. (आदेश)
Synonyms: Command, Order, Instruction, Control
Antonyms- Suggestion, Recommendation, Proposition
Example- He was merely rebalancing his portfolio, at the behest of his financial adviser.

6 Catastrophic (adjective)
Meaning- Extremely unfortunate or unsuccessful. (आपत्तिजनक)
Synonyms: Disastrous, Calamitous, Ruinous, Dreadful
Antonyms- Fortunate, Blessed, Advantageous
Example- These men died because of the catastrophic consequences of a dangerous social phenomenon.

7 Deplorable (adjective)
Meaning- Deseryingstrong condemnation, completely ( निंदनीया )
Synonyms: Disgraceful, Shameful, Unworthy
Antonyms- Admirable, Praiseworthy, Laudable
Example- These deplorable conditions existed in military prisons of both sides.

8 Brazen (adjective)
Meaning- Bold and without shame. (निभीर्क)
Synonyms: Audacious, Unabashed, Impudent
Antonyms- Timid, Meek, Modest
Example- She had become brazen about the whole affair.

9 Muzzle (verb)
Meaning- Prevent (a person or group) from expressing their opinions freely. (बंदूक का मुँह)
Synonyms: Gag, Suppress, Restrain, Stifle
Antonyms- Free, Allow, Encourage, Permit
Example- Opposition leaders accused him of muzzling the news media.

10 Watershed (noun)
Meaning- An event or period marking a turning point in a situation. (एतिहासिक घटना)
Synonyms: Turning point, Critical point, Landmark
Example- These works were a watershed in the history of music.