1 Cluttered (adjective)
messy or disorderly. (अव्यवस्थित)
Synonyms: disarranged, chaotic, slovenly, muddled
Antonyms: orderly, neat, organised, kempt
Example: She ushered her friends into a cluttered living-room.

2 Esoteric (adjective)
intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest. (गूढ़, गुप्त)
Synonyms: abstruse, Arcane, recondite, cryptic, Delphic
Antonyms: exoteric, familiar, superficial, shallow
Example: Some words are really too esoteric for this dictionary.

3 Imbroglio (noun)
an unwanted, difficult, and confusing situation, full of trouble and problems. (उलझन)
Synonyms: complication, predicament, quandary, dilemma
Antonyms: harmony, good fortune, advantage, ease
Example: The Soviet Union became anxious to withdraw its soldiers from the Afghan imbroglio.

4 Mitigate (verb)
to make something less harmful, unpleasant, or bad. (कम करना)
Synonyms: lessen, attenuate, abate, diminish
Antonyms: aggravate, intensify, agitate, heighten
Example: Governments should endeavour to mitigate distress.

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5 Hardliner (noun)
someone, especially in politics, who is very severe, for example in refusing to allow something or to reduce or change their demands in any way. (कट्टरपंथी)
Synonyms: stickler, despot, tyrant, zealot, radical
Antonyms: moderate, democrat
Example: He needs to persuade the hard-liners in the cabinet.

6 Stranglehold (noun)
complete or overwhelming control. (बोलबाला)
Synonyms: domination, sway, authority, influence, monopoly
Antonyms: subjection, impotency, subservience, helplessness
Example: The company now had a stranglehold on the market.

7 Calamitous (adjective)
causing great damage or suffering. (नुक़सानदेह)
Synonyms: disastrous, shattering, devastating, ruinous
Antonyms: advantageous, beneficial, constructive, fortunate
Example: We are exposed to the most calamitous accidents.

8 Scuttle (verb)
to stop something happening, or to cause a plan to fail (बिगाड़ना)
Synonyms: thwart, stymie, scupper, foil
Antonyms: facilitate, assist, promote, abet
Example: India’s early attempts to acquire cryogenic technology in 1991 were scuffled by USA sanctions.

9 Détente (noun)
an improvement in the relationship between two countries that in the past were not friendly and did not trust each other. (अमन)
Synonyms: easement, reconcilement, rapprochement, truce
Antonyms: hostility, enmity, inimicalness, antagonism
Example: The talks are aimed at furthering detente between the two countries.

10 Banal (adjective)
so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring. (सामान्य, घिसा-पिटा)
Synonyms: trite, hackneyed, cliched, vapid, stereotypical
Antonyms: original, innovative, novel, Avant-grade
Example: He just sat there making banal remarks all evening.

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