1 Meagre (adjective)
(of amounts or numbers) very small or not enough. (अल्प)
Synonyms: Inadequate, paltry, deficient, skimpy
Antonyms: abundant, plentiful, ample, profuse
Example: The prisoners existed on a meagre diet.

2 Banal (adjective)
so lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring. (सामान्य, घिसा-पिटा)
Synonyms: trite, hackneyed, cliched, vapid, stereotypical
Antonyms: original, innovative, novel, Avant-grade
Example: He just sat there making banal remarks all evening.

3 Acutely (adverb)
completely or extremely. (अत्यंत)
Synonyms: thoroughly, profoundly, exceedingly, severely
Antonyms: slightly, marginally, somewhat, to some extent
Example: The whole situation was acutely embarrassing.

4 Persuasively (adverb)
in a way that makes you want to do or believe something. (मनवाने के ढंग से)
Synonyms: convincingly, credibly, cogently, earnestly
Antonyms: dubiously, implausibly, feebly, unconvincingly
Example: They argue persuasively in favour of a total ban on handguns.

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5 Percolate (verb)
spread gradually through an area or group of people. (प्रसारित हो जाना)
Synonyms: spread, permeate, pervade, penetrate
Antonyms: restrict, suppress, limit
Example: The news has begun to percolate through the staff.

6 Idyllic (adjective)
(of place or experience) extremely pleasant, beautiful, or peaceful. (आनंदमय)
Synonyms: delightful, serene, sublime, blissful
Antonyms: nightmarish, terrifying, hellish, horrid
Example: Their cottage is in an idyllic rural setting.

7 Recognition (noun)
appreciation or acclaim for an achievement, service, or ability. (मान्यता)
Synonyms: acknowledgement, gratitude,
Example: The scientist deserves recognition for his talent.

8 Emergence (noun)
the process of coming into existence or prominence. (उभार)
Synonyms: occurrence, advent, rise, development, emersion
Antonyms: decline, falloff, waning, regression
Example: The last decade saw the emergence of a dynamic economy.

9 Conundrum (noun)
a confusing and difficult problem or question. (पहेली)
Synonyms: enigma, riddle, quandary, poser, mystery
Antonyms: solution, clarification, explanation
Example: Time will doubtless provide the answer to that conundrum.

10 Charade (noun)
an absurd pretence intended to create a pleasant appearance (स्वांग)
Synonyms: mockery, parody, farce, masquerade
Antonyms: sincerity, genuineness, unfeigned, Candidness
Example: Everyone knew who was going to get the job from the start — the interviews were just a charade.

Daily Vocabulary 24 August Daily Vocabulary 24 August