1 Penchant (noun)
a liking for, an enjoyment of, or a habit of doing something. (लगन)
Synonyms: fondness, proclivity, predilection, affinity, inclination
Antonyms: antipathy, aversion, distaste, disinclination
Example: He has a penchant for drawing and painting.

2 Doldrums (noun)
a state or period of no activity or development. (विकासहीनता)
Synonyms: stagnation, depression, sluggishness, lassitude
Antonyms: boom, movement, headway
Example: The property market has been in the doldrums for months.

3 Stirring (adjective)
causing excitement or strong emotion. (उत्तेजक)
Synonyms: inspiring, rousing, emotive, stimulating
Antonyms: pedestrian, unexciting, monotonous, plodding
Example: Rocky Balboa made a stirring speech.

4 Bedevil (verb)
to confuse, annoy, or cause problems or difficulties for someone or something. (सताना)
Synonyms: afflict, beleaguer, plague, beset, harrow
Antonyms: assist, aid, soothe, delight
Example: This injury bedevilled him throughout his career.

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5 Snobbery (noun)
The trait of showing arrogance to those of lower social status. (अभिमान, दिखावा)
Synonyms: conceit, superciliousness, condescension, snootiness
Antonyms: humility, unpretentiousness, modesty, meekness
Example: Is his distance a result of snobbery or shyness?

6 Skeptic (noun)
a person who doubts the truth or value of an idea or belief. (संदेहवादी)
Synonyms: disbeliever, cynic, questioner, doubter
Antonyms: follower, devotee, disciple, advocate
Example: People say it can cure colds, but I’m a skeptic.

7 Void (verb)
declare that (something) is not valid or legally binding. (अमान्य ठहराना)
Synonyms: invalidate, annul, abrogate, nullify
Antonyms: ratify, sanction, legitimise, formalise
Example: The ruling party voided article 370.

8 Excise (verb)
remove (a section) from a text or piece of music. (निकल देना)
Synonyms: eliminate, expunge, expurgate, strike out
Antonyms: insert, implant, introduce, incorporate
Example: The clauses were excised from the treaty.

9 Supine (adjective)
weak and inactive, therefore willing to accept the control of others. (उदासीन)
Synonyms: lethargic, listless, enervated, inert, apathetic
Antonyms: vigorous, dynamic, enthusiastic, spirited
Example: The new director has introduced a series of changes against little opposition from the supine staff.

10 Hysterical (adjective)
unable to control your feelings or behavior because you are extremely frightened, angry, excited, etc. (उन्मत)
Synonyms: overexcited, frenzied, distraught, feverish
Antonyms: composed, collected, poised, tranquil
Example: She became almost hysterical when I told him.

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