1 Anticipate (verb)
To see what might hap enmin the future and take action to prepare for it. (i 11 cN-I I)
Synonyms: Foresee, Predict, Look for
Antonyms- Ignore, Disbelieve
Example- We need someone who can anticipate and respond to changes in the fashion industry.

2 Cognitive (adjective)
Connected with mental processes of understanding. (1-I VIR1 ct))
Synonyms: Mental, Intellectual, Psychological
Antonyms- Physical, Bodily
Example- The cognitive processes involved in reading.

3 Glib (adjective)
Using words that are clever, but arc not sincere, and do not show much thought. (rai. cuesio
Synonyms: insincere, slick, suave
Antonyms- Profound, Inarticulate
Example- He had assumed that his glib explanations would convince us.

4 Disposition (noun)
A quality of tending to behave in a particular way. (Td)
Synonyms: Inclination, Tendency, Propensity
Antonyms- Disinclination, Dislike
Example- Do people have a natural disposition to be good?

5 Entrench (verb)
Establish (an attitude, habit, or belief) so firmly that change is very difficult or unlikely. (TRV (1-4191)
Synonyms: Establish, Settle, Ensconce, Embed
Antonyms- Detach, Root out, Remove
Example- This idea had firmly entrenched itself in his consciousness.

6 Dismantle (verb)
To take apart a machine or structure so that it is in separate pieces. (fcree9.1)
Synonyms: Dissemble, Take apart, Take to pieces
Antonyms- Assemble, Construct, Build
Example- I had to dismantle the engine in order to repair it.

7 Scepticism (noun)
An attitude of doubting that claims or statements are true or that something will happen.
Synonyms: Dubiousness, Doubtfulness, Disbelief
Antonyms — Belief, Sureness
Example – Other scientists have expressed scepticism about these results.

8 Arcane (adjective)
Secret and mysterious and therefore difficult to understand. (-14-1L1)
Synonyms: Concealed, Covert, Hidden, Enigmatic
Antonyms- Known, Visible, Evident
Example- Modern conflict may be too complex for arcane forms of protest.

9 Lethal (adjective)
Very harmful or destructive. (171Witr)
Synonyms: Deadly, Fatal, Mortal, Noxious
Antonyms- Harmless, Nonfatal, Safe, Beneficial
Example- She had been given a lethal dose of poison.

10 Insouciant (adjective)
Showing a casual lack of concern. (S)
Synonyms: Unconcerned, Casual, Indifferent
Antonyms- Concerned, Careful, Ardent
Example- It is easy to see where her reputation for insouciant charm has come from.