INVIOLABLE (Adjective) : अनुल्लंघनीय
Meaning: never to be broken, infringed, or dishonored.
Synonyms: inalienable, absolute, untouchable, unalterable
Antonyms: partial
Example: If he wanted to continue with the program, the initiate needed to follow the inviolable laws.

VEX (verb) : खीझाना
Meaning: make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters.
Synonyms: afflict, agitate, annoy, exasperate
Antonyms: aid, appease, calm, comfort
Example: Because you are having a bad day, do not assume the entire world is out to vex you.

ABJECT (Adjective) : नितान्त
Meaning: of a situation or condition) extremely unpleasant and degrading
Synonyms: wretched, miserable, hopeless, pathetic, pitiful,
Antonyms: commendable, exalted, magnificent, worthy
Example: Janice was in such an abject state that she tried to kill herself.

COUNSEL (Noun): परामर्श
Meaning: advice, especially that given formally.
Synonyms: advice, guidance, direction, instruction,
Antonyms: ignorance, neglect
Example: He no longer came to me for counsel.

ROBUST (Adjective) : मजबूत
Meaning: strong and healthy; vigorous.
Synonyms: strong, vigorous, sturdy, tough,
Antonyms: weak, frail
Example: In order to be a fireman, one needs to be robust because fighting fires is a very difficult job.

ONUS (Noun): दायित्व
Meaning: Something that is one’s duty or responsibility.
Synonyms: burden, responsibility, liability, obligation
Antonyms: advantage, benefit
Example: As your mother, it is my onus to prepare you for a successful future.

LEGITIMATE (Adjective): विधिसम्मत
Meaning: conforming to the law or to rules.
Synonyms: legal, lawful, licit,
Antonyms: illegal, illegitimate
Example: Frank knew he needed a legitimate excuse to avoid jury duty.

INCESSANT (Adjective) : निरंतर
Meaning: (of something regarded as unpleasant) continuing without pause or interruption.
Synonyms: ceaseless, unceasing, constant, continual
Antonyms: intermittent, occasional
Example: End the incessant crime with a neighborhood watch program.

THRONG (noun): भीड़
Meaning: a large, densely packed crowd of people or animals.
Synonyms: crush, flock, gathering
Antonyms: few, spread, clergy
Example: John watched her till she was lost in the throng on the veranda.

DISTRAIT (adjective) : अनमना
Meaning: distracted or absent-minded.
Synonyms: preoccupied, engrossed, forgetful, inattentive.
Antonyms: concentrating, attentive, focused, unperturbed.
Example: He grew more and more distrait as hours passed without confirmation that there were survivors of the plane crash.