1 Infallible (adjective)
never wrong, failing, or making a mistake. (अचूक)
Synonyms: unerring, impeccable, flawless, failsafe
Antonyms: faulty, uncertain, unreliable, flawed
Example: His fighting pattern seems to be infallible.

2 Prerogative (noun)
a right or privilege exclusive to a particular individual or class. (सुविधा)
Synonyms: privilege, entitlement, perquisite, due, power
Antonyms: handicap, restriction, hindrance, impediment
Example: He makes all the big decisions -that’s his prerogative as company director.

3 Untenable (Adjective)
not able to be supported or defended against criticism, or no longer able to continue. (अस्थिर, असमर्थनीय)
Synonyms: indefensible, unjustified, unsound, implausible
Antonyms: tenable, sustainable, viable, plausible
Example: I find your theory is untenable and it must be rejected.

4 Surreptitiously (adverb)
secretly, without anyone seeing or knowing. (चुपके)
Synonyms: stealthily, sneakily, slyly, clandestinely
Antonyms: openly, overtly, publicly, plainly
Example: Joe surreptitiously had a look in the answer book.

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5 Appease (verb)
pacify (someone) by agreeing to their demands. (तुप्ट करके चुप करना)
Synonyms: placate, soothe, conciliate, mollify
Antonyms: provoke, needle, aggravate, niggle
Example: The government tried to appease discontented workers.

6 Egregious (adjective)
outstandingly bad; shocking. (प्रबल, भयंकर)
Synonyms: terrible, appalling, grievous, hideous
Antonyms: wonderful, delightful, marvelous, fantabulous
Example: The desire for vengeance is very strong, simply because the abuses were so egregious.

7 Succumb (verb)
to lose the determination to oppose something; to accept defeat. (वशीभूत होना)
Synonyms: submit, yield, capitulate, cave in
Antonyms: withstand, resist, bear, endure
Example: I’m afraid I succumbed to temptation and had a piece of pizza.

8 Postulate (verb)
to suggest a theory, idea, etc. as a basic principle from which a further idea is formed or developed. (दावा करना)
Synonyms: suggest, posit, predicate, assert, propose
Antonyms: reject, deny, refute, rebut, obviate
Example: The school building programme Postulates an increase in educational investment.

9 Majesty (noun)
impressive beauty, scale, or stateliness. (महिमा)
Synonyms: awesomeness, grandeur, magnificence, gravitas
Antonyms: ordinariness, plainness, dullness, inferiority
Example: The photograph captures the sunset in all its majesty.

10 Vexing (adjective)
annoying, worrying, or causing problems. (अप्रिय)
Synonyms: annoying, worrisome, incommodious, niggling
Antonyms: pleasing, aggregable, enjoyable, welcome
Example: The shortage of qualified teachers remains a vexing problem.

Daily Vocabulary 1 July Daily Vocabulary 1 July