1 Wariness (noun)
a feeling that you have to be careful because there may be a danger or problem. (सावधानी)
Synonyms: guardedness, caginess, caution, watchfulness
Antonyms: recklessness, inconsideration, thoughtlessness, heedlessness
Example: Adopting the wariness principle can reduce enterprises’ management risk.

2 Lackadaisical (adjective)
Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy. (उत्साहहीन)
Synonyms: casual, lax, laidback, apathetic
Antonyms: avid, eager, keen, animated
Example: He has a lackadaisical approach to finding a job.

3 Moot (verb)
to suggest (an idea or possibility). (प्रस्तुत करना)
Synonyms: propose, ventilate, bring up, put forward.
Antonyms: censor, hush (up), quiet, suppress
Example: The scheme was first mooted last October.

4 Malaise (noun)
A general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease whose exact cause is difficult to identify. (बेचैनी)
Synonyms: uneasiness, anxiety, restlessness, angst
Antonyms: peacefulness, placidity, tranquillity, contentment
Example: There is a restlessness, a malaise, among the workers.

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5 Exacerbate (verb)
Make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse. (ख़राब करना)
Synonyms: worsen, inflame, compound, aggravate
Antonyms: mitigate, relieve, alleviate, assuage
Example: This attack will exacerbate the already tense relations between the two communities.

6 Revamp (verb)
to change or arrange something again, in order to improve it. (सुधार)
Synonyms: repair, overhaul, refurbish, recondition
Antonyms: ruin, damage, wreck, spoil
Example: ABC plans to revamp the show before next season.

7 Illusory (adjective)
Based on illusion; not real. (अवास्तविक)
Synonyms: imaginary, delusory, fanciful, chimerical
Antonyms: factual, genuine, tangible, truthful
Example: They don’t want to deceive each other with illusory promises of undying love.

8 Offset (verb)
Counteract (something) by having an equal and opposite force or effect. (बेअसर करना)
Synonyms: counterbalance, equalize, neutralize, nullify
Antonyms: assist, aid, support, back
Example: He put up his prices to offset the increased cost of materials.

9 Slacken (verb)
to become gradually less strong or slower, or to make something do this. (मंद करना)
Synonyms: slow down, decelerate, subside, wane
Antonyms: speed up, quicken, accelerate
Example: Growth in the economy was beginning to slacken off.

10 Tangle (noun)
a confused or complicated state. (उलझन)
Synonyms: entanglement, muddle, jumble, mix-up
Antonyms: solution, simplicity, ease, advantage
Example: We employed a lawyer to straighten our legal tangle.

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