1 Catalyst (noun)
a condition, event, or person that is the cause of an important change. (उत्प्रेरक)
Synonyms: promoter, spur, goad, stimulus, spark
Antonyms: inhibiter, deterrent, disincentive, damper
Example: The prime minister’s comment acted as a catalyst for debate.

2 Plummet (verb)
to fall very quickly and suddenly (नीचे गिरना)
Synonyms: fall, plunge, nosedive, tumble, slump
Antonyms: rise, soar, shoot up, escalate
Example: House prices have plummeted in recent months.

3 Epitomise (verb)
to be a perfect example of a quality or type of thing. (मिसाल होना)
Synonyms: exemplify, embody, personify, symbolize
Example: With relentless will to perform and extraordinary skills of game, he epitomises contemporary cricketers.

4 Unprecedented (noun)
never done or known before. (अभूतपूर्व)
Synonyms: unparalleled, unequalled, unrivalled, extraordinary
Antonyms: ordinary, everyday, expected, usual
Example: The air crash caused an unprecedented number of deaths.

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5 Embedded (adjective)
If an emotion, opinion, etc. is embedded in someone or something, it is a very strong or important part of him, her, or it. (अंतनिर्हित)
Synonyms: fixed, rooted, entrenched, implanted, ingrained
Antonyms: changeable, unsettled, unfixed, fluctuating
Example: This scene is embedded in my memory.

6 Authoritarian (adjective)
demanding that people obey completely and refusing to allow them freedom to act as they wish. (सत्तावादी)
Synonyms: dictatorial, autocratic, despotic, totalitarian
Antonyms: liberal, lenient, tolerant, forbearing
Example: The authoritarian policy wasn’t proved to be a success.

7 Discernible (adjective)
able to be seen or understood. (प्रत्यक्ष, दृष्टिगोचर)
Synonyms: noticeable, apparent, evident, palpable, distinct
Antonyms: obscure, vague, undetectable, unobtrusive
Example: There is no discernible reason why this should be the case.

8 Emulate (verb)
match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by copying. (अनुकरण करना)
Synonyms: imitate, reproduce, mimic, follow
Antonyms: Neglect, ignore, disregard
Example: Sons are traditionally expected to emulate their fathers.

9 Conducive (adjective)
Helpful; making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible. (अनुकूल)
Synonyms: favorable, contributory, instrumental, encouraging
Antonyms: hindering, adverse, discouraging, inconvenient
Example: Clean environment is conducive to life.

10 Heterodox (adjective)
(of beliefs, ideas, or activities) different to and opposing generally accepted beliefs or standards. (विधर्मिक)
Synonyms: unorthodox, heretical, deviating, nonconformist
Antonyms: conservative, traditional, devout, conventional
Example: His opinions have always been distinctly heterodox.

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