EMANCIPATE(Verb) : स्वतंत्र करना
Meaning: to give people social or political freedom and rights
Synonyms: liberate, loosen
Antonyms: detain, hold
Usage: It neither made him be human to his slaves nor to emancipate them.

Desalination (Noun) अलवणीकरण
Meaning: the process of removing salt from seawater.
Synonym: Chemical change, chemical action
Antonym: Salinate, stay
Usage: Desalination capacity, increasing electrical generation, and distribution.

Vague (Adjective) अस्पष्ट
Meaning: of uncertain, indefinite, or unclear character or meaning.
Synonym: indistinct, indefinite
Antonym: clear, certain
Usage: She rolled her eyes at the vague response.

Encompassing (Verb) शामिल
Meaning: surround and have or hold within.
Synonym: surround, enclose, ring
Antonym: Exclude, leave
Usage: The training will encompass how to administer first aid and CPR.

Drought (Noun) सूखा
Meaning: a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to a shortage of water.
Synonym: dry spell, dry period,
Antonym: abundance, adequacy,
Usage: Heat and drought had continued for more than three weeks.

FERVOUR (Noun) जोश
Meaning: great warmth and earnestness of feeling
Synonym: ardor, passion, zeal.
Antonym: impassiveness, impassivity, insensibility, insensibleness
Usage: Surprised by the fervor that her parents’ old love letters contained when she discovered them in the attic.

EVANGELIZE (noun) इंजील
Meaning: to try to convert (a group or area) to a different religion (especially Christianity).
Synonym: lecture, platitudinize, preach, preachify, sermonize
Antonym: deconvert, dissuade, endure, hold, idle, keep
Usage: The missionaries set out to evangelize the world.

INCHOATE (adjective) प्रारंभिक
Meaning: just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary.
Synonyms: budding, inceptive, incipient, nascent.
Antonyms: developed, full-fledged, evolved, ripened.
Usage: Having just come into existence a few years ago, the new political party is considered inchoate by many historians.

IDOLIZE(verb) : देवता मानना
Meaning: to adore, admire, or love greatly
Synonyms: admire, acknowledge
Antonyms: dislike, disrespect
Usage: She wanted someone to idolize her for her strong work ethic.

DENUDE (Verb) : निरावरण करना
Meaning: strip (something) of its covering, possessions, or assets.
Synonyms: divest, deprive, bare, uncover
Antonyms: cover
Usage: He proceeded to denude the statue, fronting the church bishop’s podium.