1 Antecedent (noun)
Meaning- A thing that existed before or logically precedes another. (पूर्ववृत्ता)
Synonyms: Precursor, Forerunner, Predecessor
Antonyms- Subsequent, Posterior
Example- Pundits have searched for literary antecedents to this creature.

2 Contempt (noun)
Meaning- Disre and for something that should be considered. (अवहेलना)
Synonyms: Disrespect, Disregard, Neglect
Antonyms- Regard, Respect, Honor
Example- This action displays an arrogant contempt for the wishes of the majority.

3 Deterioration (noun)
Meaning- The process of becoming progressively worse. (अधोगति)
Synonyms: Decline, Worsening, Degradation, Decay, Declension
Antonyms- Development, Improvement, Growth, Recuperation
Example- The images would be compared every year to detect any deterioration.

4 Rein (noun)
Meaning- The power to direct and control. (बागडोर)
Synonyms: Control, Govern, Curb, Command
Antonyms- Powerlessness, Weakness, Incapability
Example- A new chairperson will soon take over the reins.

5 Mockery (noun)
Meaning- Comments or actions that are intended to make somebody/something seem silly. (उपहास)
Synonyms: Ridicule, Scorn, Jibing
Antonyms- Praise, Compliment, Admiration
Example- She couldn’t stand any more of their mockery.

6 Vigorously (adverb)
Meaning- In a way that involves physical strength, effort, or energy. (ज़ोरों के साथ)
Synonyms: Strenuously, Strongly, Powerfully
Antonyms- Weakly, Gently, Lamely
Example- The accusation was vigorously denied.

7 Compliance (noun)
Meaning- The practice of obeying rules or requests made by people in authority. (अनुकूलता)
Synonyms: Agreement, Consent, Obedience
Antonyms- Disagreement, Dissent, Noncompliance
Example- Procedures that must be followed to ensure full compliance with the law.

8 Tainted (adjective)
Meaning- Suffering from no longer being well thought of by other people (भ्रष्ट)
Synonyms: Spoiled, Tarnished, Corrupt
Antonyms- Pure, Fresh, Unpolluted
Example- The company’s tainted reputation made no profits.

9 Haul (verb)
Meaning- Pull or drag with effort or force. (खींचते से लाना)
Synonyms: Draw, Pull, Trail
Antonyms- Push, Keep, Remain
Example- The wagons were hauled by horses.

10 Squarely (adverb)
Meaning- Directly or exactly; without doubt. (निश्चित रूप से)
Synonyms: Precisely, Exactly, Directly, Just, Straight
Antonyms- Indirectly, Incidentally, Secondarily
Example- The party puts its support squarely behind the minister.

Daily Vocabulary 13 July Daily Vocabulary 13 July