1 Solidarity (noun)
Support by one person or group of people for another because they share feelings, opinions, aims, etc. (एकजुटता)
Synonyms- Unanimity, Accord, Oneness, Cohesion, Consensus
Antonyms- Discord, Disagreement, Difference, Variance
Example- Demonstrations were held as a gesture of solidarity with the hunger strikers.

2 Fabric (noun)
The basic structure of a society, an organization, etc. that enables it to function successfully. (निर्माण)
Synonyms- Framework, Structure, Foundation
Example- The fabric that binds society is delicate and needs careful handling.

3 Fissures (noun)
A state of incompatibility or disagreement. (दरार)
Synonyms- Difference, Divergence, Disparity
Antonyms- Agreement, Accord, Harmony
Example- The war opened up profound fissures among the leading capitalist powers.

4 Precarity (noun)
The state of being uncertain. (अनिश्चितता)
Synonyms: Incertitude, Unreliability, Unpredictability, Irresolution
Antonyms- Certainty, Surety, Certitude, Assuredness
Example- Because of a shelter precarity in the city, many families are now left without affordable housing options.

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5 Kinship (noun)
A sharing of characteristics or origins. (समानता)
Synonyms: Relationship, Affinity, Connection, Kindred
Antonyms- Variability, Incongruity
Example- They felt a kinship with architects.

6 Skirmish (noun)
A short argument. (झड़प)
Synonyms: Argument, Disagreement, Disputation, Conflict
Antonyms- Agreement, Concord
Example- There was a skirmish over the budget.

7 Forge (verb)
To put a lot of effort into making something successful or strong so that it will last. (बना देना)
Synonyms: Build up, Put together, Set up, Establish
Antonyms- Demolish, Tear down
Example- The country is forging a bright new future.

8 Tap (verb)
Exploit or draw a supply from (a resource). (बाहर निकलना)
Synonyms: Draw on, Exploit, Make use of, Utilize
Antonyms- Impede, Hinder
Example- These magazines have tapped into a target market of consumers.

9 Disenchanted (adj.)
Disappointed by someone or something previously respected or admired. (मोहभंग)
Synonyms: Disappointed, Indifferent, Jaundiced, Disillusioned
Antonyms- Delighted, Mesmerized
Example- He was becoming disenchanted with his job as a lawyer.

10 Beckon (verb)
Appear attractive or inviting. (प्रलोभन देना)
Synonyms: Entice, Lure, Coax, Tempt
Antonyms- Deter, Dismiss
Example- Her voice was soft and melodious, hypnotizing and somehow beckoning.

Daily Vocabulary 12 June Daily Vocabulary 12 June