1 Moribund (adjective)
(of a thing) in terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigour. (मरणासन्न)
Synonyms: declining, waning, stagnant, atrophying
Antonyms: flourishin2, thriving, booming, palmy
Example: The region’s heavy industry is still inefficient and moribund.

2 Maze (noun)
something confusingly elaborate or complicated. (उलझन)
Synonyms: mess, jumble, tangle, intricacy
Antonyms: order, organisation, ease, simplicity
Example: It’s almost impossible to get through the maze of bureaucracy.

3 Dissidence (noun)
the act of publicly disagreeing with and criticizing the government or a powerful person or group. (असहमति)
Synonyms: disagreement, nonconformity, disaccord, insurrection
Antonyms: conformism, compliance, concurrence, acceptance
Example: There is a growing youth. dissidence movement.

4 Lacklustre (adjective)
without energy and effort. (उदासीन)
Synonyms: dull, uninspiring, lifeless, insipid, vapid
Antonyms: inspired, lively, brilliant, exciting
Example: No excuses were offered for a lacklustre performance on Saturday.

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5 Detriment (noun)
harm or damage. (नुक़सान)
Synonyms: disadvantage, impairment, injury, disbenefit
Antonyms: benefit, profit. boon, advantage, favour
Example: Smoking is a detriment to one’s health.

6 Perforce (adverb)
used to express necessity or inevitability. (विवशतापूर्वक)
Synonyms: necessarily, inevitably, nolens volens, willy-nilly
Antonyms: unnecessarily, gratuitously, superfluously, unwantedly
Example: If you touch fire you will perforce be burned.

7 Sporadically (adverb)
sometimes, but not regularly or continuously. (बीच – बीच में)
Synonyms: occasionally, intermittently, infrequently, now and then
Antonyms: regularly, frequently, recurrently, habitually
Example: She attended lectures only sporadically.

8 Ominous (adjective)
giving the worrying impression that something bad is going to happen; threateningly inauspicious. (अमंगल)
Synonyms: baleful, menacing, portentous, sinister
Antonyms: auspicious, propitious, promising, favourable
Example: There were ominous dark clouds gathering overhead.

9 Latent (adjective)
(of a quality or state) existing but not yet developed; hidden or concealed. (प्रच्छन्न)
Synonyms: covert, dormant, underlying, inert, quiescent
Antonyms: manifest, blatant, apparent, explicit
Example: This child has a huge reserve of latent talent.

10 Setback (noun)
a reversal or check in progress. (नाकामयाबी)
Synonyms: Hindrance, impediment, holdup, hitch
Antonyms: headway, enhancement, breakthrough, quantum leap
Example: The last elections were a major setback for the party.

Daily Vocabulary 10 July Daily Vocabulary 10 July