1 Wrenching (adjective)
Extremely stressful. (अत्यंत कष्टदायी)
Synonyms: Painful, Distressing, Traumatic, Harrowing
Antonyms- Soothing, Pleasing, Wonderful, Comforting
Example- It was the most wrenching decision of the president’s life.

2 Palpable (adjective)
That is easily noticed by the mind or the senses. (प्रत्यक्ष)
Synonyms: Visible, Noticeable, Evident, Observable, Notable
Antonyms- Unnoticeable, Imperceptible, Obscure, Indistinct
Example- When flow returns, the sense of relief is palpable.

3 Blistering (adjective)
Extremely fast, forceful, or impressive. (बहुत तेज)
Synonyms: Very fast, Breakneck, Speedy
Antonyms – Slow, Tardy, Late
Example- The battle on the wings should be interesting with all four showing marvellous skill and blistering pace.

4 Comrade (noun)
A person who is a member of the same communist or socialist political party as the person speaking. (सहयोगी)
Synonyms: Companion, Colleague, Fellow
Antonyms – Opponent, Enemy, Foe
Example- I’m meeting old comrades tonight, and tomorrow.

5 Precarity (noun)
The state of being uncertain. (अनिश्चतता)
Synonyms: Incertitude, Unreliability, Unpredictability, Irresolution
Antonyms- Certainty, Surety, Certitude, Assuredness
Example- Because of a shelter precarity in the city, many families are now left without affordable housing options.

6 Annihilation (noun)
Complete destruction or obliteration. (विनाश)
Synonyms: Destruction, Decimation, Wiping Out, Eradication
Antonyms- Protection, Shield, Preservation, Guard
Example- She has the power of annihilation and destruction.

7 Stuttering (adjective)
Progressing in a hesitant or irregular way.(डगमगाता)
Synonyms: Faltering, Wavering
Antonyms – Firmness, Readiness
Example – Her film career got off to a stuttering start.

8 Smouldering (adjective)
Burning slowly with smoke but no flame. (सुलगता हुआ)
Synonyms: Gleaming, Ignited, Glowing
Antonyms- Quenched, Put out
Example- The bonfire was still smouldering the next day.

9 Ravage (verb)
Cause severe and extensive damage to. (तहस-नहस करना)
Synonyms: Devastate, Ruin, Damage, Desolate
Antonyms- Repair, Assist, Mend, Improve
Example- The countryside has been ravaged by pollution.

10 Hurtle (verb)
Move or cause to move at high speed, typically in an uncontrolled manner. (तेजी से आना)
Synonyms: Rush, Hurl, Bolt, Dash
Antonyms- Linger, Dawdle, Go slowly
Example- The trucks hurtled them through the grassland to the construction sites.

Daily Vocabulary Words 10 August Daily Vocabulary Words 10 August