30th June SSC Current Affairs MCQ 30th June SSC Current Affairs MCQ

Q1) Under the National Institutes of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management Bill, 2021, which two institution have become the Institutions of National Importance (INI)?

  1. NIFTEM, Kundali, Haryana
  2. IIFPT, Thanjabur, Tamil Nadu
  3. CFTRI, Mysore, Karnataka
  4. A&B
  5. B&C

Q2) Union Government will set up a Centre for Bio-Resources and Sustainable Development in which state?

  1. Himachal Pradesh
  2. Chhatisgarh
  3. Punjab
  4. Arunachal Pradesh

Q3) Which state has decided to appoint Mirabai Chanu as the Additional Superintendent of Police (Sports) in the police department?

  1. Meghalaya
  2. Manipur
  3. Mizoram
  4. Assam

Q4) Which Indian Naval Ship participated in the 325th Navy Day celebrations of the Russian Navy?

  1. INS Talvar
  2. INS Kamorta
  3. INS Sahyadri
  4. INS Tabar

Q5) GI tagged ‘Raja Mircha’ also referred as King Chilli of which state was exported to London recently?

  1. Nagaland
  2. Tripura
  3. Manipur
  4. Assam

Q6) What is the theme of the International Tiger Day, 2021?

  1. Poaching and illegal trade
  2. Connect 2 Tiger
  3. Save, Before it’s Too Late!
  4. Their survival is in our hands

Q7) The sportspersons of which country are competing under the acronym ROC at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

  1. South Africa
  2. Russia
  3. Germany
  4. Norway

Q8) Polina Guryeva has won the first ever Olympic medal for which country?

  1. Albania
  2. Congo
  3. Turkmenistan
  4. Rwanda

Q9) Which company has announced the launch of IZO™ Financial Cloud platform?

  1. Tata Communications
  2. Intel
  3. Microsoft
  4. Google

Q10) Who has been sworn in as the new mission director for US Agency for International Development (USAID)?

  1. Meera Tondon
  2. Veena Reddy 
  3. Aditi Bakshi
  4. Kirti Sonowal

Q11) Najib Mikati has become the Prime Minister of which of the following countries?

  1. Algeria
  2. Chad
  3. Peru
  4. Lebanon

Q12) The exhibition “Azad Ki Shaurya Gatha”, which was recently held, focused on the life of which martyr?

  1. Bhagat Singh
  2. Subash Chandra Bose
  3. Lal Bahadur Shastri
  4. Chandrasekhar Azad

Q13) Which of the following states has launched the ‘MyGov-Meri Sarkar’ portal?

  1. Madhya Pradesh
  2. Haryana
  3. Uttar Pradesh
  4. Punjab

Q14) India won total how many medals at the World Cadet Championship held in Budapest, Hungary?

  1. 13
  2. 10
  3. 15
  4. 16

Q15) Union Home Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the Inter-State Bus Terminus (ISBT) at Mawiong near which city of Meghalaya?

  1. Tura
  2. Jowai
  3. Shillong
  4. Cherrapunji

Q16) Kapaleeshwarar temple, for which the master plan has been made ready, is located in which state?

  1.  Andhra Pradesh
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Karnataka
  4. Kerala

Q17) Which has become the first state in India to reserve jobs in public employment in favour of transgender persons?

  1. Odisha
  2. Andhra Pradesh
  3. Uttar Pradesh
  4. Karnataka

Q18) The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has formulated which scheme for persons engaged in the act of begging?

  1. FIND
  2. ABODE
  3. SMILE