23rd June SSC Current Affairs MCQ 23rd June SSC Current Affairs MCQ

Q1) When is National Broadcasting Day observed every year in India?

  1. 22 July
  2. 23 July
  3. 21 July
  4. 24 July

Q2) Which company has signed a 10 year agreement with Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) to create a new “Airport in a Box” platform at Kempegowda airport?

  1. Intel
  2. Microsoft
  3. Infosys
  4. IBM

Q3) The Union Cabinet has approved Rs 6,322 crore production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for which among the following alloys?

  1. Speciality steel
  2. Brass
  3. Rose metal
  4. Nickel Steel

Q4) The Union Cabinet has approved the establishment of a central university in Ladakh at a cost of how much amount?

  1. Rs 850 crore
  2. Rs 750 crore
  3. Rs 650 crore
  4. Rs 550 crore

Q5) Which of the following ministries organised a webinar on ‘Digital Media Ethics Code’?

  1. Minitry of Education
  2. Ministry of External Affars
  3. Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
  4. All of the above

Q6) Which of the following monuments of Andhra Pradesh has been identified for development under ‘Adarsh Smarak’ scheme?

  1. Nagarjuna Konda
  2. Buddhist remains at Salihundam
  3.  Veerabhadra temple
  4. All of the above

Q7) The Police of which state has launched the “Pink Protection” Project for safety of women?

  1. Gujarat
  2. Kerala
  3. Odisha
  4. Madhya Pradesh

Q8) Property consultant Colliers has appointed whom as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for India?

  1.  Ramesh Nair
  2. Atul Chauhan
  3. Keshav Sharma
  4. Jatin Goswami

Q9) Which institution from India has been placed in the top 50 institutions worldwide for advances in materials science by the prestigious Nature Index?

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru Centre For Advanced Scientific Research
  2. National Botanical Research Institute
  3. Birla Institute of Technology & Science
  4. Indian Institute of Chemical Technology

Q10) Which of the following states has launched Dalit Bandhu scheme?

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Karnataka
  3. Telangana
  4. Odisha

Q11) Which bank has launched a co-branded Super Saver Credit Card with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)?

  1. ICICI Bank
  2. Axis Bank
  3. Kotak Mahindra
  4. HDFC Bank

Q12) DRDO successfully test fired Akash NG missile; what is the strike range of this missile?

  1. 40 km
  2. 80 km
  3. 90 km
  4. 60 km

Q13) Which city of England was removed from the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites recently?

  1. Bristol
  2. Liverpool
  3. Manchester
  4. Nottingham

Q14) Which country has handed over to India a commercial offer to deliver 21 MiG-29 fighters?

  1. France
  2. Israel
  3. Russia
  4. Japan

Q15) Which state has launched an Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (AABR) system “SOHUM“ for managing hearing loss in newborn and young children?

  1. Haryana
  2. Punjab
  3. Gujarat
  4. Madhya Pradesh

Q16) Which country has invited India for the first time to the Troika Plus meet on Afghanistan?

  1. Russia
  2. United States
  3. China
  4. Israel

Q17) Which has become the first High Court in India to begin live-streaming of court proceedings?

  1. Madhya Pradesh High Court
  2. Allahabad High Court
  3. Madras High Court
  4. Gujarat High Court

Q18) What is the theme of the World Brain Day 2021?

  1. Together to End Parkinson’s Disease
  2. Stop Multiple Sclerosis
  3. Clean Air for Brain Health
  4. Migraine: The Painful Truth