17th June SSC Current Affairs MCQ 17th June SSC Current Affairs MCQ

Q1) Who is the author of the book “The Great Big Lion”?

  1. Sarah Khan
  2. Chryseis Knight
  3. Emma Cline
  4. Mary Shelley

Q2) When is World Youth Skills Day observed every year?

  1. 16 July
  2. 17 July
  3. 15 july
  4. 18 July

Q3) Who has been appointed as the Leader of the House in the Rajya Sabha by BJP?

  1. Piyush Goyal
  2. Nitin Gadkari
  3. Kiren Rijiju
  4. Anurag Thakur

Q4) Which bank has launched a Retail Direct Scheme wherein retail investors can open ‘Retail Direct Gilt Account’ (RDG Account)?

  1. State Bank of India
  2. Axis Bank
  3. HDFC Bank
  4. Reserve Bank of India

Q5) Danish Siddiqui, who passed away recently, was a renowned ______?

  1. Journalist
  2. Actor
  3. Singer
  4. Author

Q6) The Ministry of Home Affairs has asked the States and Union Territories to immediately withdraw the cases registered under which section of the IT Act?

  1. Section 66A
  2. Section 57B
  3. Section 33C
  4. Section 48A

Q7) The Central government will spend how much amount on livestock development over the next five years?

  1. ₹7,400 crore
  2. ₹9,800 crore
  3. ₹3,900 crore
  4. ₹5,200 crore

Q8) The Ministry of Civil Aviation has reduced the number of forms to be filled to operate drones from 25 to ______ in draft Drone Rules, 2021?

  1. 16
  2. 12
  3. 10
  4. 6

Q9) Defence Ministry has launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered grievance management application with the help of which IIT institution?

  1. IIT Guwahati
  2. IIT Madras
  3. IIT Kanpur
  4. IIT Delhi

Q10) Which railway station has been finally renamed as Banaras by the North eastern railways (NER)?

  1. Manduadih 
  2. Zafarabad
  3. Faizabad
  4. Farrukhabad

Q11) Which has become the first Gulf nation to open an embassy in Israel?

  1. Oman
  2. Bahrain
  3. UAE
  4. Qatar

Q12) Andhra Pradesh government has enhanced the income limit for issuances of Other Backward Classes certificate from Rs 6 lakh to Rs _______ lakh per annum?

  1. Rs 12 lakh
  2. Rs 8 lakh
  3. Rs 10 lakh
  4. Rs 11 lakh

Q13) Which state has launched the Electric Bike Taxi scheme-2021?

  1. Odisha
  2. Kerala
  3. Karnataka
  4. Tamil Nadu

Q14) Which state government has announced 10% reservation for the Kapu community and other Economically Weaker Sections?

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Odisha
  3. Telangana
  4. Jharkhand

Q15) Minister for MSME Shri Narayan Rane launched which new exclusive product range of Khadi, recently?

  1. Cotton Babywear
  2. Handmade Paper Slippers
  3. Chocolates
  4. A&B
  5. B&C

Q16) Reliance Retail has acquired a stake of what per cent for Rs 3,497 crore in Just Dial?

  1. 60.25%
  2. 30.29%
  3. 50.12%
  4. 40.95%

Q17) Ministry of Education and Tribal Affairs Ministry have jointly launched the ‘School Innovation Ambassador Training Program’ for how many School Teachers?

  1. 40,000
  2. 25,000
  3. 50,000
  4. 60,000

Q18) The government of India boys high school of which state will become the first government high school in the country to develop a satellite?

  1. Karnataka
  2. Odisha
  3. Gujarat
  4. Uttar Pradesh