Q1) Who among the following has won the Austrian Grand Prix 2020?

  1. Charles Leclerc
  2. Lando Norris
  3. Valtteri Bottas 
  4. Max Verstappen

Q2) Indian Railway in collaboration with Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) has set up a 1.7 Megawatt solar power plant in which city of Madhya Pradesh?

  1. Indore
  2. Bhopal
  3. Satna
  4. Bina

Q3) Which state has become the first state in the country where 100% households have liquefied petroleum gas connections?

  1. Himachal Pradesh
  2. Uttarakhand
  3. Gujarat
  4. Madhya Pradesh

Q4) Which state has launched the Nekara Samman Yojane under which financial aid of ₹2,000 will be given to handloom weavers?

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Karnataka
  3. Kerala
  4. Telangana

Q5) Who has been appointed as the chairman of the International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA)?

  1. Injeti Srinivas
  2. Bhagwan Lal Sahni
  3. Sanjay Kothari
  4. Utpal Bora

Q6) Which bank has launched an instant personal loan disbursal facility ‘loan in seconds’?

  1. Yes Bank
  2. Axis Bank
  3. ICICI Bank
  4. HDFC Bank

Q7) Which country has  successfully  launched the “Ofek 16” spy satellite into orbit ?

  1. Iran
  2. China
  3. Israel
  4. Russia

Q8) Who is the author of the book “Getting Competitive: A Practitioner’s Guide for India”?

  1. Uttam Bose
  2. RC Bhargava
  3. Natarajan Chandrasekaran
  4. Rahul Bajaj

Q9) SBM Bank India, which is promoted by the government of which country, and Mastercard have joined hands to facilitate cross-border payments by using ‘Mastercard Send’?

  1. Madagascar
  2. Malawi
  3. Malaysia
  4. Mauritius

Q10) As per the report released by the UNCTAD, Global tourism revenues are expected to fall by up to $_______ trillion due to COVID-19 restrictions?

  1. $1.3 trillion
  2. $4.3 trillion
  3. $3.3 trillion
  4. $2.3 trillion

Q11) Nimu, which was recently visited by PM Narendra Modi, is surrounded by the Zanskar range is located on the banks of which river?

  1. Zanskar River
  2. Shyok River
  3. Suru River
  4. Indus River

Q12) G. Akash who has become the country’s 66th Grandmaster hails from which state?

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Kerala
  4. Odisha

Q13) The National Human Rights Commission has constituted a committee under whose chairmanship to study COVID impact on human rights?

  1. K S Reddy
  2. Nimesh G Desai
  3. Abhey Shukla
  4. Viraf Mehta

Q14) The sports ministry has announced that foreign and Indian coaches will be hired on a contractual basis for how many years in sync with the Olympic Games?

  1. 3 years
  2. 4 years
  3. 5 years
  4. 2 years

Q15) Reliance Industries has launched which video conferencing app with unlimited free calling?

  1. JioFace
  2. JioGroup
  3. JioBook
  4. JioMeet

Q16) ‘Shree Saptmai Gurukul Sanskrit Vidhyalaya’ was built by India in which country?

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Bhutan
  3. Nepal
  4. Indonesia

Q17) World Chocolate Day 2020 is observed every year on?

  1. July 6
  2. July 7
  3. July 8
  4. July 5

Q18) Earl Cameron, who passed away recently, was a renowned _______?

  1. Actor
  2. Author
  3. Singer
  4. Politician

Q19) Which state government has laid the  foundation stone for the Ariyaloor Medical College through video conferencing ?

  1. Kerala
  2. Telangana
  3. Tamil Nadu
  4. Odisha