A team of Chinese astronauts have successfully performed first tandem spacewalk on 4th July 2021. They worked for 7 hours outside new Tiangong station in orbit around the Earth.

  • Construction of Tiangong is a major step in China’s ambitious space programme. It has seen nation land a rover on Mars and send probes to Moon.
  • 3 astronauts were take off in June 2021 to become station’s first crew.
  • Astronauts would remain there for 3 months in the mission which is being dubbed as China’s longest crewed mission to date.
  • Two of the astronauts exited the station for some 7 hours of work in first spacewalk at Tiangong.
  • They returned safely. Safe return of astronauts Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo to Tianhe core module highlights complete success of first spacewalk in space station constructed by China.

Purpose of Spacewalk

Astronauts conducted the spacewalk with the objective of elevating a panoramic camera outside Tianhe core module and to test station’s robotic arm which will be used to transfer future modules on station. Astronauts installed foot stops on robotic arm and carried out other assembly work.

Tiangong Space Station

Chinese space station is placed in low Earth orbit at the distance between 340 and 450 kilometer above the surface. Once completed, it will be about one-fifth if mass of International Space Station and equal to the size of decommissioned Russian Mir space station. Its mass is expected to have between 80t and 100t. Operations of the Space Station will be controlled from Beijing Aerospace Flight Control Centre in China. Tianhe in its core module which was launched on 29th April 2021. Tianhe means “Harmony of the Heavens”.

Chinese astronauts complete 1st Spacewalk at New Space Station Chinese astronauts complete 1st Spacewalk at New Space Station