An Unmanned submersible of China dived deep down to 10,907 metres to the world’s extreme point Mariana Trench.

A team of scientists left for an expedition on April 23, 2020. The researchers tested auditory detection, video transmission, high precision depth detection during the deep-sea diving operation.

China has been stepping efforts to develop deep sea technology to explore mining of natural resources from the sea. In 2011, China signed a deal with the International Seabed Authority to explore polymetallic sulfide for a period of 15 years in Indian Ocean. China was allocated 10,000 square kms in the Indian Ocean under the deal. China New Record Reaches Intense point on the earth

International Seabed Authority
The International Seabed Authority was formed in 1994 under United Nations Convention on the Law of Sea (UNCLOS). The authority organizes, regulates and controls mineral related activities in the International Seabed area. The Authority became an observer at the UN in 1996.

The Headquarters of International Seabed Authority (ISA) is situated in Jamaica. It has 167 members.

India and ISA
India is also a member of ISA. In1987, India was the first country to receive the status of “Pioneer Investor” at ISA. India was allocated 1.5 lakh square kilo metres of Central Indian Ocean Basin for the exploration.

According to the Ministry of Earth Science, it was found under the exploration that there are 4.7 million tonnes of Nickel, 0.55 million tonnes of cobalt, 4.29 million tonnes of copper and 92.59 million tonnes of Manganese.

China New Record Reaches Intense point on the earth