The Convergence Energy Services Limited has collaborate with Ladakh administration to make UT of Ladakh carbon-neutral.

Memorandum of understanding

  • The CESL which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Efficiency Services Limited signed MoU with Administration of Ladakh to make it clean and green.
  • Under it, several clean energy and energy-efficiency programmes will be implemented.


The Convergence Energy Services Limited will take up projects like solar mini- and micro-grid solutions, energy storage-based solutions, energy-efficient lighting, efficient cooking stoves and electric mobility solutions. CESL will develop clean solutions for home appliances, electric heating, pump sets and cooking sets for very cold temperatures in Ladakh. It will also focus on EV ecosystem like EC charging infrastructure utilising renewable sources of power.

How these projects are significant?

The Energy Access for Ladakh is foremost. Union Territory needs sustainable solutions like decentralised energy-efficient solutions which can be easily implemented in the difficult terrains of Ladakh. Projects will eliminate fossil fuel to make Ladakh’s carbon-neutral. If the solar capacity is harnessed, it will trigger business and jobs in the region.

CESL-Ladakh inks pact to make Ladakh Carbon-neutral CESL-Ladakh inks pact to make Ladakh Carbon-neutral