Cabinet Decision on Space Activities

New Delhi, Jun 24, the Union Cabinet on wednesday agree to participate private companies in India’s space activities. the next stage by transforming the Indian Space Sector for the future challenges was made during a meeting .

The Department of Space comes under the PMO. Under the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to further advance India’s capabilities in the space sector.

After a long time the Indian Government is highly significant in order to establish India’s position as one of the important players in the global space race.

The cabinet decision will bring new energy and new oppertunities and dimension to the entire space sector, which in the long run will also help in building an AtmaNirbhar Bharat by making the space sector self-reliant and technologically advanced. This cabnet decision helps to boots student interest in space study and more jobs in the field of science.

Significance of IN SPACE and NSIL

The Cabinet has approved setting up of Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN SPACE). Through friendly regulatory and encouraging policies, IN SPACE will have the responsibility to guide the private sector in various space activities. The new board IN SPACE will provide a level-playing field to provide private companies to use India’s space infrastructure on lease.

State owned enterprise New Space India Limited (NSIL) was founded in March last year. The New Space India Limited will have the responsibility to change the economic and social policies for encouraging the private sector in space sector by making Indian Space Sector demand driven from the current supply driven model.

Cabinet approves participation of private sector in Space Activities Cabinet approves participation of private sector in Space Activities