In 2021 BIMSTEC “Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation” completes 24th anniversary on June 6, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, BIMSTEC has emerged as a promising regional grouping and made progress on several factors including finalisation of master plan for connectivity.


BIMSTEC is a regional multilateral organisation established on 6th June 1997 in Bangkok under the name BIST-EC (Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Thailand Economic Cooperation).  Myanmar was included to it in the year 1997 following which group was renamed as ‘BIMST-EC’ (Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand Economic Cooperation). After Nepal & Bhutan become full members in 2004, BIMSTEC was renamed to its current form.

Members States

There are 7 members states of BIMSTEC are littoral and adjacent areas of Bay of Bengal constituting a regional unity. five are South Asian countries namely Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal & Sri Lanka while 2 countries- Myanmar & Thailand- are from Southeast Asia.


It connects South and Southeast Asia besides ecologies of Great Himalayas and Bay of Bengal. It was established with the aims of creating an enabling environment for rapid economic development and accelerating social progress.

BIMSTEC completes 24 years BIMSTEC completes 24 years