The President of the United States of America Joe Biden reached Geneva before his first summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin amid the escalation of tension between Russia and USA in recent years.

  • President Biden flew to Geneva after mending relations with Washington’s closest allies during NATO and G7 summits in Brussels and Britain.
  • This will be first meeting between USA and Russia since 2018, when Putin met Donald Trump in Helsinki.
  • This summit will take place at La Grange villa and its surrounding park.

USA-Russia Relation

Russia and USA Relationship is among most critical bilateral relationships worldwide. Both countries have shared interests in diverse set of areas including nuclear security & non-proliferation, countering terrorism & violent extremism, regional security in Europe & Eurasia, and managing upheaval in greater Middle East. Russia is also an important partner in USA efforts to combat climate change and space exploration.


USA is critical to Russia as they foil and partner in their efforts to come at global centre stage. Bilateral relations have been rotating between periods of cooperation and confrontation for more than two decades. However, tensions related to conflicts in Ukraine and Syria are troubling the relation.

Biden-Putin Summit held in Geneva Biden-Putin Summit held in Geneva