Andhra Pradesh Government lately proclaim the Renewable Energy Export Policy, 2020. The Renewable Energy policy permits sale of power to other states of India.

The Renewable Energy Export Policy

Renewable Energy Export Policy is to be implemented by NREDCAP. The New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of AP Limited is to allocate renewable energy resource potentials to developers based on FCFS (first come first serve) NREDCAP is sponsored by both the State and Central Governments.

The Renewable policy will smooth the way for establishment of wind, solar and solar-wind hybrid projects in Andhra Pradesh. Energy Policy will help in increasing the energy capacity of the Andhra Pradesh to 120 Gigawatt.

120 Gigawatt energy generated through the projects of the policy are to be exported to the border states.

Incentives Offered

The Government of Andhra Pradesh is to convert and use from Agriculture use to Non-Agriculture use. Renewable Energy projects are to be spared from obtaining NOC from the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB).

Measure in Andhra Pradesh

CMAPP (Comprehensive Monitoring of Agriculture, Price, and Procurement) rolled out to monitor farming needs

CM Jaganmohan Reddy, recently launched a android mobile app called CMAPP. The aim of the mobile app is to monitor agricultural needs of the farmers in the Andhra Pradesh.

Neerabh Kumar Panel

Andhra Pradesh Government formed 5 member panel headed by Neerabh Kumar Prasad to investigate causes of styrene gas leak (LG Polymers) in Vishakhapatnam.

Andhra Govt announces Renewable Energy Export Policy Andhra Govt announces Renewable Energy Export Policy