The five Countries Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana and UAE have been elected unopposed to powerful United Nations Security Council as non-permanent members for 2022-23 term.

  • United Nations General Assembly has held elections to elect 5 non-permanent members for UN Security Council. They will take their seats on Council for 2-year term from January 1, 2022.
  • These countries won elections unopposed because they were the only candidates from their respective regional groups.

Regional distribution of seats in UNSC

As per the regional distribution for 2021 election, three seats were available from African & Asian States. Gabon, Ghana and UAE won these three sears. Apart from that, one Latin American and Caribbean Group seat was available for which Brazil was elected. While, Albania won Eastern European Group seat.

Which countries are retiring?

The Estonia, Niger, Saint Vincent & Grenadines, Tunisia and Vietnam will complete their two-year terms on UN Security Council in the year 2021. Thus, to fill this seat, new non-permanent members were elected. They will sit the table along with five permanent members China, France, Russia, UK & USA and 5 non-permanent members India, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico & Norway. India will also assume rotating Presidency of UN Security Council in August.

Election to non-permanent members

The Election for the non-permanent members of UNSC is held by secret ballot. Candidates require a two-thirds majority in United Nations General Assembly to be elected as non-permanent member. 5 countries are elected to Council of 15-member as non-permanent members for 2-year term.

Albania Brazil Gabon Ghana and UAE Elected to UNSC Albania Brazil Gabon Ghana and UAE Elected to UNSC