28 July World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated yearly. World Conservation Day is celebrated internationally to increase awareness about the best practices to protect our natural resources. The planet is supplied a limited amount of properties that we all rely upon each day like water, air, soil and trees.

What are the steps to conserve the environment?

  • Use of alternative energy such as solar and wind energy.
  • Plant more trees to maintain the ecosystem and to prevent soil erosion.
  • Use the water resources in a proper way and reuse the kitchen water for watering the gardens.
  • Grow vegetation in catchment areas.
  • Reduce the usage of electricity.
  • Use recyclable and biodegradable products.
  • Ensure the recycling of wastes.
  • Try to minimize the use of cars for a shorter distance.
  • Use paper bags or cloth bag instead of plastic bags.
  • Grow your own vegetables by using organic compost.
  • Install water treatment plants and rainwater harvesting.

28 July World Nature Conservation Day