24 May is observed as a Commonwealth Day or second Monday in the month of March every year. However, in India, another Commonwealth Day is also celebrated on 24th May. The day also known as Empire Day, Commonwealth Day commemorates the formation of the British Empire in India and other colonies of Britain.

Theme for 2021 Commonwealth Day is: Delivering a Common Future. The aim of this theme is to highlight how the 54 Commonwealth countries are innovating, connecting and transforming to help achieve essential goals like tackling climate change, promoting good governance, achieving gender equality.


It was not until after the death of Queen Victoria, who passed away on 22nd January 1901, that Empire Day was first celebrated. The first Empire Day was celebrated on 24th May 1902, which was the Queen’s birthday. Many schools across the British Empire were celebrating it even before it was officially recognised as an annual event.

24 May Indian Commonwealth Day 24 May Indian Commonwealth Day