Raj Babbar (born 23 June 1952) is a Hindi and Punjabi film actor and politician belonging to Indian National Congress. three-time member of the Lok Sabha and a two-time member of the Upper House of the Indian Parliament.

Rahul Ravindran is an Indian film actor and director who has appeared in Telugu, Tamil and English language films. He made his debut in the Tamil film Moscowin Kavery (2010), before playing leading roles as a man with cerebral palsy in Vinmeengal and as a mechanic in Soorya Nagaram.

Tanmay Bhat is an Indian stand-up comedian, script writer, performer, producer and co-founder of the creative agency All India Bakchod along with Gursimranjeet Singh Khamba. He was one of the first four comedians to be featured at the Comedy Store.

Rehman (23 June 1921 – 5 November 1984) was an Indian film actor whose career spanned from the late 1940s through to the late 1970s. He was an integral part of the Guru Dutt team, and most known for his roles in films such as Pyar ki Jeet, Badi Behen, Pyaasa (1957).

Prashant Bhushan is a public interest lawyer in the Supreme Court of India and an activist. He was a member of the faction of the India Against Corruption (IAC) movement known as Team Anna which supported Anna Hazare’s campaign for the implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Noteworthy Moments

1810 Duncan Dock of Bombay was completed.

1946 Gandhiji advises Congress not to enter Interim Government, but only Constituent Assembly.

1958 Tamil leaders in Madras call on Nehru to lobby for better treatment of Ceylon’s Tamil minority.

1992 Tin Bigha Day protest in India of corridor opening to Bangladesh.

1993 Motilal Vohra made governor of UP.