On That Day June 23rd 1894, the International Olympic Committee (IOC)was founded in Paris (Capital of France). The day 23rd June was chosen to be celebrated as International Olympic Day every day to commemorate the foundation day of the International Olympic Committee .

International Olympic Day was first celebrated in the year 1948. A total of 9 countries celebrated the day in their respective countries in 1948. But today with time the energy and positivity with which the Olympians have inspired millions across the globe, the celebrations for the day are truly global in nature now.

Irrespective of any sort of discrimination based on age, gender, etc, the National Olympic Committees across the world conduct creative events on this day that are based on three pillars ‘Move, Learn, and Discover’. the International Olympic Committee Sport for All Commission launched the Olympic Day 1894 Run concept with the objective of promoting the practice of participation in sport by men, women and children from all corners of the world and all walks of life, regardless of athletic ability.

for 2020

During these times of a pandemic (Covid-19), by sharing their home workouts, Olympians have become a source of inspiration and motivation for many across the world.  These efforts made by Olympians at the time of a Covid-19 is to make everyone realize the importance of being active for staying healthy in mind and body.

International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Summer and Winter Olympic Games are organized by the IOC every year. It is a non-governmental sports organization headquartered at Lausanne, City in Switzerland. It was founded by Pierre de Coubertin and Demetrios Vikelas on 23rd June 1894.

23rd June International Olympic Day