Annually, 23 July National Broadcasting Day is celebrated in India. The Broadcasting day was made on July 23, 1927 from Bombay Station celebrated to commemorate the first radio broadcast aired in nationwide.

The first radio station was established by a private firm called the Indian Broadcasting Company.

On April, 1930 Govt of India took over the broadcasting and renamed it as Indian State Broadcasting Service. It was on trail basis. Later, in 1932 Govt got permanently control.

The past

After That, on June 8, 1936 AIR (All India Radio) was established by central govt. The maxim of All India Radio is “Bahujan Hitaya Bahujan Sukhaya”.

India is the most diversified nation in the world. Govt of India focus on every single language , Govt launched All India Radio broadcasts into 414 stations in 23 different languages nationwide.

23 July National Broadcasting Day