Yearly, World Elephant Day is celebrated on 12 August. It is an global event that is dedicated to preserve and protect world elephants. The idea of Global Elephant Day was come up by Canadian film director Patricia Sims and Michael Clark in Thailand.

The main objective of celebrating Global Elephant Day is to increase awareness about the urgent plight of Asian and African elephants. The African Elephants are listed as “Vulnerable” and Asian Elephants as “Endangered” in the International Union for Conservation of Nature  Red List of threatened species.

In 2012, first International Elephant Day was celebrated.


On 11 August, India launched “SURAKHSYA” a National Portal to collect real-time information and will also manage human elephant conflicts on a real-time basis . Also, the Ministry of Environment released a Compendium on Best practices on Human elephant Conflict Management in India.

Elephant Census in India

In 2017, last Elephant census in India was conducted. The Census conducted every five years under Project Elephant. According to the 2017 census, Elephant population in India is estimated to be 29,964. The South India alone has 14,612 and the North East has 10,139. On the flip side, the census of tiger in India is conducted every 4 years.

In 1992, Project Elephant was launched to protect elephants and their habitats and corridors in India.


The Asian Elephant Specialist Group is a network of specialists that are concerned with the study, management, real-time monitoring and conservation of Asian Elephants. It focus to promote long-term conservation of Asia’s elephants. AsESG is a part of the Species Survival Commission of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

12 August World Elephant Day