Rule 1

Watch only one teacher for one subject.
■ Do not try to watch multiple teachers in search of `perfection‘. 10 Golden Rules for Online Education

Rule 2

Do NOT watch teachers who WASTE YOUR TIME by talking more about themselves, their achievements, hobbies, favourite food

Rule 3

Make Notes
■ Jot down the relevant points
■ Keep a pen and notebook handy

Rule 4

READ standard Books after watching lectures ■ Video lectures are to make you UNDERSTAND a topic. ■ You will get a good score when you can REPRODUCE that knowledge in the exam. ■ You can memorise and reproduce written material only when you READ yourself.

Rule 5

Make a schedule r Make a time table of watching lectures on Youtube/other platforms.
Do not start watching videos randomly.
Avoid the slippery slope of ‘suggested videos’

Rule 6

Watch ‘OFFLINE’ as much as you can
■ Download the video you want to watch on Youtube and switch off internet.
■ If possible, study on a desktop or a laptop

■ DO NOT open multiple tabs

Rule 8

Use headphones ✓ Home ✓ Library ✓ Public space ✓ Transport

Rule 9

DO NOT READ COMMENTS ■ Avoid arguments and fights in comment section. ■ Cliched but true —Time is Precious
*Question — Answer

Rule 10

Take care of Your EYES and POSTURE
✓ Take a break from screen after 20 minutes

✓ Look at a point at least 20ft away

✓ Wear Blue cut glasses.

10 Golden Rules for Online Education